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High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Statistics

The American Heart Association has published a complete study on high blood pressure and the results of the study are alarming, keeping in mind that hypertension is a condition with no symptoms or signs, able to kill people even before they become aware that they are suffering from hypertension.

As of 2003, a total of 52,602 people were killed by high hypertension, and the incidence of high blood pressure grew by 1% from 1996 to 1997, according to the NC Health Stats for that year. The American Heart Association also confirms that about 65 million Americans age 20 and older have high blood pressure.

Men are at greater risk for high blood pressure than women until reaching age 55. After this age and until age 74, the risks for both are about the same, but starting at age 75, women are at greater risk than men are and only 3/4 of adults have their blood pressure checked regularly.

A total of 22 million of Americans over age 60 have hypertension, and near 60% of non-Hispanic Whites over this age suffer from high blood pressure, 71% on non-Hispanic Blacks also develop it, while 61% of Mexican-Americans have hypertension.

Considering racial groups, Blacks are the group with a higher incidence of high blood pressure and who develop the condition early in life. Following Blacks, the next group with health risk concerns is Whites and Blacks living in the Southeast of the country, where hypertension is a major concern.

Nearly 1 out of 3 adults in the United States suffer from hypertension, and 69% of all men and women interviewed by Omega Protein/Applied Biometrics during 1998 revealed that they are very concerned or somewhat concerned about their blood pressure.

Only 63.4% of the total hypertensive population, in the United States , was aware of their condition during 2003, while more than 86% of the population believed that they could control high blood pressure via nutrition or by adding a dietary supplementation to their diets.

37% of all Americans believe that herbs are valuable in the treatment of high blood pressure; and other 33% is convinced that such herbs can prevent high blood pressure. 45.3% of all people with hypertension are under current treatment, but only 29.3% have controlled the problem, and 70.7% cannot control high blood pressure.

In 90 to 95% of all hypertension cases, the cause of high blood pressure was unknown, but the death rate from high blood pressure increased 29.3% from 1993 to 2003. By then, for every 100,000-hypertensive population 14.9%, where white males, 49.7% black males, 14.5% white females and 40.8% black females.

The American Heart Association estimates that the actual number of deaths from high blood pressure is around 56.1%.

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